When 2020 Gives You Lemons

Lemons: Your Spring race not happening? 

Lemonade: The WAHOO! RUNNING Lemonade Virtual Marathon, Half, 10K and 5K. (It’s free!)

Here’s the Deal:

Allow yourself to feel the hurt feelings. Don’t hop right into Pollyanna mode. We are all for positive thinking, but we are also believers in allowing yourself to feel the sadness and disappointment. You’ve worked really hard and had your race cancelled on you. That really sucks!!!

Make a Decision to:

1. Take a step back and reconnect with the simplicity of the sport we love. Run for the love of running. We wholeheartedly support this decision.


2. Finish your training strong and run a virtual race with us! You only had a few weeks left until your big race. Don’t let your hard earned fitness go to waste!

If you choose option 2, then enter your contact information below and we’ll email you instructions on how you can sign up through Strava.

Thank you for your interest. The 2020 Lemonade Spring Marathon is closed. Please check out the results.