Lemonade Race Series Details

What do I need to do to join?

It’s FREE and open to everyone. You’ll just need the Strava app and an account and a GPS device or smart phone.  

Sign up with your name and email address here and then join the WAHOO! RUNNING club on strava here

Then, simply sign up for the distance and date you want to run inside the WAHOO! RUNNING strava group. (We’ve got distance events on each day from April 17 – 20, 2020.

I'm new to Strava and a little confused. Can you help?
  • New to Strava? Check out STRAVA’s Getting Started Guides for mobile and web.
  • Already have a dedicated GPS device? Find out how to upload to Strava from yours.
  • Set up your device for success:
    • Record a test activity and get familiar with the recording and upload process (recording guides for iOS and Android).
    • Give your phone (or other GPS devices) time to acquire a solid GPS connection.
    • Close other apps before using Strava.
  • To ensure you meet the Event goal, we recommend you run a small amount over the required distance (about .5km / .3mi). GPS isn’t perfect so this will help accommodate data inaccuracies.
  • Having trouble uploading? Here are some helpful tips to help troubleshoot for iOS and Android.
  • Once you’ve completed your run, make sure your run is marked as a race and your activity visibility control is set to “Everyone”.  (We made this Youtube video to show you how to do this)
    • You can learn more about managing your activity’s privacy controls here.
  • Make sure to have both your Strava up to date with a valid email address so you can receive important information regarding race updates.
Can I run with my friends?

Social distancing is still very much a priority as is the safety of you and everyone else in your local community. Please follow guidelines in place by the government in your location. 

Do you have social media graphics I can use to share my participation in the race?

Sure! We have several.

Instagram Story. You can add additional details to this one to share.

Instagram Square. Be sure to tag us if you use it. @wahoorun


Can I run more than one distance?

Absolutely. That’s what we call the The Lemonade Challenge – All 4 distances in 4 days! Yep, that’s right. Are you feeling extra thirsty for some mileage?! 

Is there a race bib I can print?

You betcha. Here it is.

Can you help me map out a course on race day?

Plan your route using www.mapmyrun.com , www.plotaroute.comwww.rungoapp.com, or another mapping app.

Do you have any other tips for race day?

Set yourself up for success, especially if you are running the Half Marathon or the Marathon. Fueling is important for any distance beyond 1.5 hours. 

  • Consider running loops by your house, so you can set up fueling stations as needed.

  • Schedule fueling stops at the homes of friends or family. Keep COVID-19 prevention in mind. 

  • Let your neighbors, friends, and family know your plans, so they can support you with cheers from the porch or a drive by WAHOO! out of the car window.
I love what you're doing. How can I support you?

We are doing this because we love running and we love runners. We’d love it if you’d join our online running community and see what we’re up to all the time. 

You can join us here.

Where can I find you on Social Media?