What We Offer

When you join WAHOO! Running, you gain acces to everything you’ll need to become a successful runner. Check out the details below!

Online Desktop & Mobile Access

You can access your WAHOO! RUNNING community wherever you are.

Training Plans

Train at your current fitness level with a focus on cumulative miles at a variety of paces. VDOTO2 is the coaching platform we use to communicate your trianing plan right to your phone or desktop.

Supportive Community

A nationwide community of walkers, joggers, and runners that share that same passion for movement and helping each other find their best, whether that be a PR or an accountability partner.

Race Meet-Ups

A time to meet up with other WAHOO! Running athletes from around the country, share laughs, meals, competition, fun and be a part of the larger team.

Pre-Run Routines

Get instant access to our Glute Activation Mini-Band Warm-up Routine & our Dynamic Flex Routine. To be a healthy runner, what you do before you step out the front door or onto a treadmill needs to be addressed. A 5-10 minute warm up routine can be the difference between a strong/healthy runner and an injured one.


Strength & Nutrition Guidance

We believe in Balance. The key to being a balanced runner is putting a strong emphasis on strength and nutrition, not just running

Discount Codes

WAHOO! Running team members receive exclusive discount codes for races, nutrition supplements, sunglasses and so much more.

Coaches and Consultants

Christie Thomas

Christie Thomas

Coach Christie is a wife, mom of 4, runner, and co-founder of WAHOO! RUNNING. She is a fan of all things running. Christie is a certified running coach through RRCA and Jack Daniels’ VDOT Coaching. Building community and guiding others to find joy in running is her favorite. Coach Christie has been running for 26 years which includes running 24 marathons and countless other distance runs. She’s learned a lot along the way.

Marathon PR 3:22, Half Marathon PR 1:31, 5 Boston Marathon Finishes, 15 Boston Qualifications, 5k 20:53

Carlee Daub

Carlee Daub

Coach Carlee is passionate about health, nutrition, and all things running. With her Northwest roots, running has taken her up mountains, over rivers, and through the forest creating a desire to help others achieve their goals. Former collegiate volleyball player turned running mom, she always finds time for adventure. Completing degrees in both exercise science  and a masters in athletic administration have given her the knowledge and desire to train. She loves to push her body and finds beauty in the experience of picking up the pace. With multiple marathons under her belt and a triathlon here and there, she knows what it takes to prepare for the big day and how to keep her body feeling healthy along the way. Carlee strives to maximize each day balancing her time as a coach, runner, wife and mother.

Marathon 3:20, Half Marathon: 1:32, 5k: 19:29

Kelly Pritchett

Kelly Pritchett


Associate Professor in Nutrition & Exercise at Central Washington University

Sports Dietitian

Media Spokesperson

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics

Bryce Daub

Bryce Daub

CSCS, PES, CES - Division 1 Men's Basketball

Director of Strength and Performance at the University of Oklahoma

Certified Strength & Conditioning specialist

Performance Enhancement Specialist

Corrective Exercise Specialist

PhD Candidate Sports & Exercise Science