Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mighty Networks?

Mighty Networks is the platform we use to host WAHOO! RUNNING’s online social media platform. This is the place you can connect with runners from all over the United States. NO ADS. It’s ALL RUNNING, ALL THE TIME. 

What is the first thing I should do once I sign up to train with WAHOO! RUNNING?
  • Introduce yourself under the ‘NEW TO WAHOO’ Topic. Let us know what you are training for, where you are from, and how you heard about WAHOO! RUNNING. 
  • Follow all the Topics – This is important. If you don’t follow a topic, you won’t see the content. 
  • Participate- Remember the more you post and communicate within Mighty Networks, the more you will get out of it.
What is VDOTO2?

This is an online training calendar that you can use as a training journal. You may also ask Christie and Carlee to drop 12-16 week training plans into your calendars for upcoming races. (You do not have to use VDOTO2 to train with WAHOO!) There are training plans with PDF’s available on Mighty Networks under ‘Training Plans’ found on the left side menu bar. 

What is community-based training?

Private run coaching costs $100+/month. Why pay this when you can get great training, ask questions, and be a part of an awesome team for $20/mo or less if you do the annual membership?! At WAHOO! RUNNING, we know the value of community. We also know that no one has all of the answers, including coaches. This community gives us the opportunity to learn and grow together. We help each other conquer goals. If you use WAHOO! RUNNING’s network the way it’s intended to be used, you will connect with experienced and knowledgeable runners who will answer your questions and help guide your training. We aim to teach you how to train properly, not just tell you what to do. It’s the old teach a man to fish and feed him for life. 

How do I pick a training plan? What if I don’t see one that fits my needs?
  • Match your goal race distance and your training level to one of the plans listed under ‘Training Plans’ in our network.
  • If a training plan doesn’t jump out at you. ASK! We can help guide you in the right direction.
DO I have to have a Garmin to train with WAHOO!?

No! We have had athletes successfully train with Apple watches, FitBits, or apps on phones. It’s also okay to run by feel. 

Can I be a part of WAHOO! RUNNING if I have a coach or don’t need coaching?

We have athletes that use the WAHOO! RUNNING Network solely for the community. They do not need coaching guidance, so they are only there for the people. 

How do you communicate with the coaches ?

The best place to talk to the coaches is on our WAHOO! RUNNING Network. It helps to @ them in the question. We recommend posting questions under a topic on the network.  Asking questions publicly benefits the community. If you have a question, most likely someone in the community has the exact same question. Again, the value of community shines through.

Do I have to live in Oklahoma to WAHOO!?

NO!! We have athletes from all over the country. We were founded in Oklahoma; therefore, there are a lot of athletes from the Oklahoma area.